About Duckie Dan

Duckie Dan (ME)

Oddie the Orangutan

Estes the Regal Eagle

Text Box: Marr-Lee The Moose

Tallulah The Toucan

Grandma Hattie’s “The Duckie Dan Adventure Books” have all my critter family in them.  I have gathered them everywhere we have gone.  From time to time I find someone else who needs a good home.  She once told me…. “There is always room for one more!” so I keep gathering a large family for her. She is a sweet lady and takes such good care of us.

Here she is with Oddie,

Tallulah and me. She always wears a pretty hat!

Granny writes stories about our adventures, how we all met and where.   She tells about our problems; some of the same ones you probably have.  Grandma Hattie takes us on wonderful vacations around the world and to book readings to meet all of you .

I have been to 30 countries and many States around the USA.  I have traveled by cruise ship, airplanes, trains, buses, camels and waddled my little feet off all around this world.


Many people have asked me questions.  You can see those questions and answers by clicking on  Questions and Fun Things. 

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