On this page, I will have a newsletter every 3 months.  It will tell you what is going on; have some new pictures, post winners of our contest and show you some of the new questions that have been asked me. 

If you want to send me a picture or ask a question you can send it to pen.riley48@yahoo.com.  I will try to answer them. You know, I do not always know the correct answer to things.  I have to look them up sometimes….do you?  

I am thinking of Dan’s Duck Tails (Tails, like my fluffy yellow one instead of tales, like stories) for the name of the news letter !  


What do you think? Do you like the name?  Let me know if you have a better name.  pen.riley48@yahoo.com



Contact Penelope A Riley

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Duckie Dan and Quackers snuggling into bed after a big day on the cruise ship.

“Ship Ahoy mates,” the huge parrot tells Duckie and Quackers.

 I was so tired after waddling all over the streets in the Cayman Islands.  You know, those streets can be pretty hot on my little feet! This bench was pretty comfy.

My cruise with Granny to Belize, Honduras, Mexico and Cayman Islands.