Questions & Answers / Fun Things To Do

· Q. How old am I?  A.  I was born in 2008, that makes me 4.

· Q. Where is the furthest away place you have gone? A. Russia

· Q. Do you ever get in trouble? A. Yes, mostly because I wander off when out with Granny.  Sometimes I see something and I go without asking or telling anyone.  Not a good thing to do!

· Q. What is the most fun thing you have done?  A. Well, I zip-lined across a big ship (The Oasis).  I flew in the cockpit of a plane to Alaska.  I have been to big castles and rode in a boat around Loch Ness  in Scotland looking for Nessie!  I am very lucky to have Granny. OH...OH, I forgot to tell you I rode on a CAMEL!


What would you like to ask me? 

You can email me at or you can go on my Facebook page…. Duckie Dan the Traveling Man … Ask me a question and I will write you back. I do not twitter or text , you can imagine how hard that would be to do with my wings.  Typing is not easy with feathers.

Print, Color and have

Mom cut out. Put your fingers in the holes and make them walk & Dance.

Color and have mom cut me out.  Then you can enter the contest we are offering.  It will run for 2 months at a time and run continually.  The instructions are HERE.

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